Conference Presentation

The 5th International Interdisciplinary Conference in Iasi, Romania
devoted to the life and work of C. S. Lewis:

Of This and Other Worlds

This continues the series of events devoted to the celebrated Oxonian writer and scholar and is open to both specialists and laypeople who are interested in and fascinated by, the Oxford Don’s legacy and influential presence within the current culture. We aim at enhancing the interdisciplinary turn of the conference (literature, theology, philosophy, arts) and invite speakers to present research papers in English and Romanian that explore Lewis’s growth in relation to predecessors and contemporaries, as well as papers that identify “kindred spirits” and consonant ideas among subsequent generations of writers and thinkers. 

The fifth C. S. Lewis conference focuses on C. S. Lewis and his literary and academic kin as creators of worlds. His entire work testifies to his fascination with alternative universes, from his scholarly exploration of Medieval literature, with its haunting myths and arcane symbolism, through his fiction, to his apologetics, where Christianity is seen as a parallel kingdom seeking to be reinstated in “an enemy-occupied territory”. From pain to love, through faith and imagination, he opened a spectrum of realities inviting exploration and reflection. The collection of essays by Lewis alluded to in the title of this year’s conference spans both this and other worlds: “this” realm, which we inhabit, is the necessary, unavoidable starting point for any explorers, conquerors, pilgrims, even refugees into the “others”.
Those willing to venture into the exploration of the worlds of imagination created by C. S. Lewis and kindred spirits are invited to contribute papers in the areas of semiotics, narratology, literary studies (particularly focusing on fantasy), translation studies (focusing on parallel worlds... in translation), philosophy, logic, theology, cultural and art studies, including any interdisciplinary permutation or cross-pollination.

Interested participants are invited to send a 200-250-word abstract for peer-review to the Conference Committee via the organizers: Dr. Rodica Albu (, Dr. Denise Vasiliu (, Dr. Teodora Ghivirigă (

deadline for proposal submission: 25th September 2021 
notification of acceptance by: 30th September 2021

Selected papers presented at the conference will be published in the Conference Proceedings or in the Linguaculture journal.