On line Conference Registration

In order to register for the online conference, please click here:

For in-person participation:

Early Bird Conference Fee: 

(Ends at 1st October 2021)

€170 / $200 / 300 LEI for participants with a submitted paper
€75 / $100 / 150  without a submitted paper
50 LEI without lunches

Standard Conference Fee: 
(Ends 1st November 2021)

200 Euro / 250 $ / 400 Lei for participants with a submitted paper
100 Euro / 130 $ / 170 Lei without a submitted paper

The standard conference fee includes:
admission to all sessions of the conference
the conference folder 
coffee breaks and lunches

Conference fee without lunches:
(ends November 18th, 2021)
70 Lei (payable upon arrival at the reception desk)

Conference fee without refreshments, lunches:
(ends November 18th, 2021)
50 Lei (payable upon arrival at the reception desk)

Student Fee: 

• students with submitted paper - €100 / $150 / 150 LEI
students without submitted paper - €50 / $75 / 50 Lei
students without conference folder, refreshments, lunches - free

The Social Program of the conference includes:

the special conference dinner on Thursday 18th of November 2021: 40 Euro / 50 USD / 150 Lei 
a one-day trip to Bukovina, Northern Romania, on Saturday 20st of November 2021: 80 Euro / 100 USD / 200 lei 

Fees should be paid to the Bank account: 

Beneficiary: Fundatia Agora Christi, Centrul de Studii Crestine și Apologetica

Foundation Adress: Bld. Independenței Nr. 12 Bl. I/1-2, Sc. I-1, Et. 5, Ap. 16, Iași, jud. Iași, code 700106 Romania

Bank: BRD – Groupe Société Générale, Super Copou Office, Iasi, Romania,

Bank Address: Iasi, Bd. Copou, Nr. 48, Etaj P, Complex Comercial Super Copou Tronson IV, Iași 700462


IBAN: RO27BRDE240SV92420052400 RON

IBAN: RO68BRDE240SV96781322400 USD

IBAN: RO22BRDE240SV33438332400 EUR

Or you can use PayPal.


Please fill in the following electronic registration form:

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