Conference Paper Titles

Keynote speakers

Jerry Root: "C. S. Lewis's Big Ideas" &
 "C. S. Lewis and His Literary Influences"
Paul Fiddes: "Ways of Exchange: the idea of Co-Inherence in Charles Williams and C. S. Lewis"

Invited speakers (in alphabetical order)

1. Owen Barfield Jr.: "Owen Barfield and the Evolution of Consciousness"
2. Codrin Liviu Cuțitaru: "What is Ethical and What is Non-Ethical in the World as we Know It? A Biased Response Originated from C. S. Lewis's Moral Philosophy"
3. Mihaela Cernauti Gorodetchi: "A Few Notes on C.S. Lewis's Understanding of the Tao"
4. Joel Heck:  "No Ordinary People: The Friendships of C. S. Lewis with Arthur C. Clarke, Mary Shelley, and Arthur Greeves." 
5. Monika Hilder: “The Language of Joy: C. S. Lewis’s Legacy as a Christian Communicator to Contemporary Culture"
6. Kirstin Johnson: "Childlikeness: MacDonald's audacious challenge to the academic"
7. Bruce A. Little: "Metaphysical Realism in the Apologetics of Francis A. Schaeffer and C. S. Lewis"
8. John Lotz: "Recruiting Kindred Spirits - Crossing Boundaries"
9. Danuț Mănăstireanu: "Hermeneutical Insights from the Work of C. S. Lewis on the Psalms"
10. Stephen Prickett: "The Worldwide Cult of C. S. Lewis: A Personal Journey"
11. Paul Michelson: “J. R. R. Tolkien on Fäerie and Fairy-Stories” 
12. Maria Shaskolskaya: "Owen Barfield and C. S. Lewis - Opposition and Polarity"  

Registered speakers (in alphabetical order)

1. Lacramioara Filip: "The Disneyfication of the Witch: Mary Poppins, the White Witch and Maleficent - A Comparative Study"
2. Fabian Grassl: "Persona est relatio? "C. S. Lewis and Helmut Thielicke on divine personhood"
3. Patricia Erskine Hill: "Lewis’ The Great Divorce and its model, Dante’s Divine Comedy"
4. Robin Landrith: "Human and Divine Artistry in C. S. Lewis' Perelandra"
5. Christine Murphy: "E.M.W. Tillyard: The Catalyst for A Preface to Paradise Lost"
6. Iris Tincu: "The importance of unity: C. S. Lewis, Novalis and Allan Bloom."
7. Theresa Clement Tisdale: "Lewis and Freud on Grief: Kindred Spirits, Strange Bedfellows, or Enemy Combatants?"
8. Amanda Vernon: "Too good to be true? The Spirit of the Commonplace in MacDonald and Lewis"
9. Peter S. Williams: "C. S. Lewis as a central figure in formulating the theistic argument from desire"

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